Hello World,

I decided to take some hard measures against some people who doesn’t know what respect is and what credit means. I’m okay at people who repost my pictures when they credit. A lot of people doing that, and some decided they were the Best Source and didn’t need to. How wrong they are. Oh they say they credit, but there are no link to click to the real source, and some space are made, and letters are missing, so people never who is the real source. So it’s about to change.

The Gallery is now blocked, I don’t have any other choice, since they consider themselves as God and the Best, then go for it. You can require an access, just send me an email to mrsgrint@yahoo.fr (with the username and password wanted) and I’ll do it for you.

Just know, you can’t repost my HQ anywhere or you’ll be blocked again. You can use for twitter, instagram, and tumblr but in smaller version. I’m sorry of that but it’s that or I’ll close the site and i’ll be the only one to have access to the pictures.

PS: Wanted to thank all the people who are agree with me, and telling I’m the best resource for HQ. It’s really nice to see people understand and be okay with it.